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Xbox Live, Belkin Router and MTU issue

I’m wondering if any of you clever sorts have an idea on how to fix the issue below.

I’m having a few issues with my broadband and as a result I’ve switched from my router provided by my supplier Plusnet (a Thompson model) and onto a Belkin F5D8635-4 v1 as part of the process of eliminating the cause of the fault. My problem is that when I use the Belkin router I can no longer connect to Xbox Live.

When it attempts to connnect I’m informed there’s an error and to do a network test. That test then tells me that my MTU is too low and Xbox LIve has a minimum MTU of (off the top of my head) 1364. The problem is that when I go to the router settings and look at the MTU it’s set at (again, off the top of my head) 1432.

I spent last night moving the MTU up and down, from the minimum up to 1500 and found that at no point could I connect to Xbox Live. I plugged my Plusnet router back up and it connected to Xbox Live no problems.

I’ve searched around on the internet to no avail, looked for a new router firmware (couldn’t find one), I’ve placed the Xbox in the DMZ, I’ve forwarded ports, I’ve prayed to Zeus, nothing has worked. Any ideas folks? My evenings don’t seem complete unless I’m being verbally abused by someone who’s doing their GCSEs.


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Carphone Warehouse – It’s good to talk…so answer your phones.

This is a slightly tough blog post to write, because @Gerrymoth has written about the same fault and I’ll be frank, it’s much MUCH worse than what I’m about to say. However due to a specific link between the two stories I think it’s worth throwing my opinion in too.

I purchased the 5800 from the Carphone Warehouse Store in Barrow-in-Furness late February, I suspect it will have been February 27th.  I believe Gerry will have purchased his the very same day, or at most within 4 days afterwards.

My original handset developed a fault within 5 days, the handset was simply dead, turned itself off and then it decided it didn’t quite fancy turning back on again. The store agreed to switch the handset for a new one.

Within 2 months of owning the second handset I noticed the phone developed a habit of switching itself off. I realised that the battery had too much ‘give’ on the terminals, however sticking a small piece of card in the side of the battery cavity and the battery itself made the connection firm, more or less eliminating the problem.

Around May time I popped into the local Carphone Warehouse again to enquire for release dates for the N97. While I was there I started chatting to the salesman in there who I knew bought a 5800 on the same day as me. While we were speaking he pulled out his 5800, handed it to me and asked “Has yours done this?” The screen had completely broken up, with multicoloured horizontal lines across the screen. A couple of flicks of the key lock switch and the screen returned to normal. I was obviously thankful mine hadn’t had the same issue!

Spoke too soon…literally within one week it happened on the first occasion. I pulled my phone out my pocket to read a text and had the dreaded lines across the screen (these lines leave it completely unreadable and unusable). As previously though, flicking the keylock a few times seemed to fix it.

This carried on for months on end, however I soon realised it was happening more and more often, and also taking longer and longer for it to return to normal. Flicking the keylock a few times no longer worked as before, it  now seemed almost random whether it wanted to work or not.

At the end of July I replaced the handset with a HTC Hero, which I paid for in cash. I had reached a point where the handset had become unusable, at one point my screen did not work for over 14 hours, so I was now in desperate need of a new handset. I was, as I previously mentioned, already planning on getting one so this seemed like a good excuse to dig into the wallet.

I then heard that Gerry had the same issue. Remembering about the salesman having exactly the same fault, I put two and two together and started the consider the chance of this being an inherent fault with the 5800. In fact a quick Google search of the subject matter reveals many people having the same fault, all of which were fairly early adopters. Nokia seem to have acknowledged a fault, and I have read that the fix is a new re-designed screen being fitted. Did those early screens all come with a fault?
Now let’s move onto my nark with Carphone Warehouse. CPW are I believe the largest mobile phone retailer in the UK. They are a huge organisation with their proverbial fingers in many a proverbial pie. Their slogan for many a year, and maybe still is, I’m not sure, was “It’s good to talk.”

Well here’s two ideas boys and girls of Carphone Warehouse…

  1. Publish the correct numbers on your website.
  2. On the occasion I can get a correct number, hows about someone actually answering that call?

You see, a week and a bit ago I dropped my phone in for repair at my local store. I’ve been trying to contact that store, I have their direct number, but no matter what option you choose you get the same recorded message, “Sorry, we are unable to answer your call, please try again later.”

“OK,” I thought, “I’ll bypass the store and go straight to the repair center direct.” I call the number on the website only to be told it’s been changed to a different number, and when I call that number I’m told the number is not in use!

Genius move there Carphone.

I’d interested in two specific pieces of information from Carphone;

  • Was there a specific fault with early models of the 5800?
  • When can I have my phone back? Pretty please.

Since I started writing this I have had a tweet from @guyatcarphone, so finally some contact from within the organisation. However it remains to be seen what the outcome will be, if it remains for repair for the length of time that Gerry’s has then I shall be unleashing the necessary fire and brimstone.

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T-mobile update #2

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point.

Last night I popped out for a walk along the beach front. It’s been a fairly shitty week (not just because of you T-mobile, you’re not that special) and I knew it’d help me clear my head. About 5 minutes into the walk, I get this.


Now the crucial thing to notice here is not the content of the message, but the time it was sent.

So, quick as a flash I try to call customer service. What message do I get?

“T-mobile customer services is open from 8am to 10pm blah blah blah…”

I’ve finally got hold of them this morning. I was over my credit limit as a bill had been produced for £400+ for my ‘early termination charge’. While I understand why this was levied on my bill, what I do not understand is why the 3 people I’ve spoken to since my phone was reconnected didn’t notice this and remove it.

So…connected again…who wants to make a bet about for how long?

Oh T-mobile, you really do excel yourself.

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