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Why the iPhone caused a global recession

Bare with me…

The iPhone begins its global launch on 27th June 2007. Over the next few month city bankers and high fliers clamour to get hold of the latest piece of hyped kit from the guys from Cupertino and in the process forget the deep love they once held for their Blackberrys.

Fast forward a bit and we’re now smack in the middle of a global recession.


“Why?” I hear you cry.

Because they’re all now too busy dicking around on iFart to do what they would normally be doing, i.e. earning enough money to buy Papua New Guinea and have pocket change for a few Ferraris.

Just a thought. Cheers Apple.

Matt’s recession fix? Bring back the Blackberry.


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  1. there was a chance crackberry would have killed entire financial sector… but it failed! bring on the killer device, i say!

    …will that do Matt? 😉

    Comment by ana | March 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. Maybe the crackberry started the downfall and iphone just put the last nail in the coffin! 🙂

    Comment by Betty | March 24, 2009 | Reply

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